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Originally developed primarily for use in automatic litter boxes, Just the Crystals have rapidly grown in popularity for all types of litter box users seeking a premium crystal cat litter that is not only reasonably priced -- but available with the convenience of FREE shipping to your door.


Always Available

As the use of crystal cat litter became increasingly popular, we learned that many cat owners were having a difficult time finding it. Either stores had nothing on the shelf, or if they did the prices were unreasonably high. And the shipping costs for the convenience of ordering on-line brought the cost even higher!


No Frills - Just The Crystals

We developed a premium crystal cat litter with no frills, no marketing hype Just the Crystals with the added bonus of having them delivered to your door without having to lug huge bags home in the car, or wasted trips to multiple stores only to find empty shelves.


Fragrance Free & Pre Measured

Our product is fragrance free and conveniently packaged in 2 pre-measured recyclable bags each weighing 4.4lbs. Our boxes are made from recycled cardboard as well!